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We're changing the way plaintiffs win settlements.

There is no denying the power insurance companies wield. 

They have billions of dollars.  They track thousands of data points that predict the smallest possible settlement your client is likely to accept.  And they have armies of investigators, experts, and lawyers waiting in the wings.

That's a lot of power.  Enough to support the belief that jury trials are the only path to justice.   

But that's all it is.  A belief.  And it's one undermined by our results. 


After all, every system has a flaw.  Even insurance companies.  We didn't put it there.  We just found the blueprint to beat it.


Human decision-making hardware has evolved over the years:  Our brains has grown, and shrunk, for millennia in response to evolutionary stressors.

But the software?  It is the same today as it is has always been:



Story has been the primary driver of human behavior for thousands of years.  Properly deployed, it is capable of disrupting entrenched thought patterns, challenging reflexive responses, and inciting action.


And the best stories --the ones that work-- share the same DNA:  an ancient template for bringing the impossible into focus and lighting the path for turning it reality. 

The pattern is identifiable, repeatable, and predictable.  And it is the foundation of everything we do. 


6 hours and 9 minutes. 


That's how much online video and television the average American watches every day. 

Wonder how much the average person reads? 


17 minutes.  

So that suspicion you have always had about adjusters "skipping forward to the meds?"  It's not baseless speculation.  It's reality.


But complaining isn't a strategy. Producing more engaging content is.


Video is the vehicle.

"Show me, don't tell me" is no longer just a courtroom tactic to engage a bored jury.  It is an indispensable component of every viable settlement strategy.  


Be real:   You're never going to beat Goliath in a contest of brute force.  Much less on his home field, playing a game he invented with rules he made (and regularly changes).  


Which is why we don't just produce beautiful, captivating videos that crystalize a defendant's risk.

We specifically design and present them in a way that seizes attention and influences decisions.  Not by tricks or manipulation, but by the only reliable capital there is:  Credibility.  

All to make sure that your client has every opportunity to settle for the highest possible dollar figure today--instead of on the courthouse steps years from now (or not at all).

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We live in an era where anyone with a credit card, an iMac, and an internet connection can buy some camera equipment and create a production company. 

But actually settling cases?  It requires something more.  


Story.  Inspiration.  Leverage.

These commodities are the currency of Transcendent Settlements. And they are our stock-and-trade. 

Welcome to Policy Limit Demands. 


Let's explore what's possible.

Thanks for reaching out. We'll be in touch real soon.

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