Demand packages that make insurance companies want to write checks.

Every plaintiff's lawyer has been through it:  Facing a lowball settlement offer and wondering whether the insurance adjustor or defense attorney even read the demand letter.  We know, because our founder is an injury lawyer who experienced it himself countless times.  After getting tired of sitting around with other plaintiff's lawyers complaining about the insurance companies, he started searching for a better way.

It started with a simple belief:  that insurance adjustors are human beings who can be moved by the same human emotions (fear, anger, hope, and love) that drive all of us...and that the well-constructed demand package is entirely capable of triggering those emotions in a way that can inspire massive settlement offers. 

Experience has proven us right.  


Settling cases for maximum value isn't magic.  It doesn't require years of litigation.  But it does necessitate telling your client's story with the full explosive capacity of every asset available to you.  

  We created Policy Limit Demands to do exactly that. 


Combining elite legal analysis with transcendent storytelling, award-winning video production, and cutting-edge web design and analytics technology, PLD has created a new paradigm:  A system of producing interactive video demand packages that unlocks an insurance adjustor's humanity, opens the insurance companies vaults, and consistently maximizes settlement outcomes now.



The Winning Demand Package



What do the Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, and the Bhagavad Gita have in common?  They contain the same secret template -- the DNA of an epic storytelling paradigm that has been employed to inspire audiences for millennia.  It is a pattern built into the cellular structure of virtually every Hollywood epic ever produced.  And its the same one we use to inspire insurance adjustors to pay settlements they never could have imagined.


Fifty years ago NASA put a man on the moon utilizing a fraction of the computing power of a teenager's smartphone.  How can you really expect 7- and 8-figure settlements in response to demand letters written on dead trees?  Stop trying to tell your client's story on paper.  We give them a platform to tell it themselves -- in explosive 4K high-definition with professional lighting and sound. 



Ever get the feeling the insurance adjustor didn't bother reading your demand letter?  Never wonder again.  Our demand packages utilize cutting-edge persuasion science to grab attention, inspire emotional investment, and trigger action.  Adjustors watch them, almost always multiple times.  How do we know?  The same way google knows that you're on our website right now. 

What our clients say about us

Matt MacLeod,

O'Steen & Harrison 

"What Policy Limit Demands is doing is light years ahead of the legal community, and their commitment to justice in telling a story is astonishing.  I have used them many times, and cannot recommend them more strongly."  



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