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Policy Limit Demands specializes in two types of projects:  Demand Packages and Mediation Briefs.  Both products feature the same attention-grabbing, daily-grind-disrupting introduction:  a 90-second movie trailer sent to the opposing party by email.  This is followed by a simple demand directing the recipient to a customized website, featuring an 18-25 minute "mini-documentary" that tells, in vivid 4K, the true story of your client's case.  

Our videos have proven so impactful that we cannot share many of them here.  Most are subject to confidentiality agreements (one of which carries a 7-figure liquidated damages provision for disclosure, specifically negotiated by the defendant). 


There are, however, two we can share:  

The mediation video created for Reynolds v. City of Phoenix, which resulted in what was at the time the largest civil right settlement in City of Phoenix history (before a lawsuit was ever filed).  The second was a mediation video for Williams v. City of Phoenix, which was produced during the pandemic, with 100% remote filming techniques--and has been instrumental in educating stakeholders--including the U.S. Department of Justice--about the extent of politicized power abuses in the City of Phoenix Police Department.

Personal injury-specific examples can be made available upon signing of Non-Disclosure Agreements.  Please contact us for more information.

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