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Full justice shouldn’t be reserved for clients whose lawyers have massive lines of credit. So we created two payment models. Whether you’re an Inner Circle member at a firm with an 8-figure credit line or a sole practitioner working out of a virtual office, our electronic demand and mediation packages are available to you.

Flat Rate 

Expensed to your client like any other case cost, you pay us a flat rate to create together a demand package individualized to the needs of your case. You take the full fee when the case settles, and you get reimbursed your costs by a client who’s thrilled that you’ve found a way to maximize their take home without years of litigation and trial.

For lawyers with cases that exceed their funding, we bridge connections with firms willing to bankroll demands and experts in exchange for association fees. We work with you to make sure all the boxes are checked to comply with the ethics rules, we facilitate everything, and you come out of pocket nothing.

Partner Association
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