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Policy Limit Demands is a first-of-its-kind collaboration of elite professionals in the legal, video production, and technology fields:  A Gerry Spence-trained trial lawyer; a decorated filmmaker; an Academy Award-winning editor; and a former corporate IT Director and analytics evaluator.  Collectively, they create tailor-made, one-of-a-kind demand packages that combine the power of emotional storytelling, cinema-quality video, and elite legal analysis.

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Steve Benedetto
Legal Director

Steve Benedetto is a practicing attorney representing plaintiffs in personal injury and civil rights matters throughout the southwestern United States.  A graduate of the Trial Lawyers College and student of persuasion psychology, he believes in the power of human stories to inspire people to action.  He is a former judicial clerk, a reformed big-firm attorney, and the founder of The People's Law Firm - a civil rights and personal injury law firm with offices in Phoenix, San Diego, and Boulder. 

Bruce Borowsky

Bruce Borowsky is a documentarian, television producer, and filmmaker.  Over his 30+ year career, Bruce has produced serialized television shows, and has written, filmed, and produced documentaries that have won national film festivals.  He is the founder of Boulder Digital Arts, a collective of digital creatives, and Pixel Mill Studios, a Boulder, Colorado-based production company that focuses on documentary and short-film creation and production.

Mike Scalisi
Story Architect, Editor

Mike Scalisi is a digital video editor and storytelling expert who has worked on projects ranging from Academy Award winning documentaries to corporate videos.  The lead editor on the Oscar-winning documentary "The Cove," Mike is renowned for his ability to package stories of human suffering with powerful calls to action. He teaches video editing and storytelling in Boulder, Colorado.  With Bruce, he is a co-founder of the film and video production company Pixel Mill Studios.  

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Mike Benedetto
Technology & Analytics

Mike Benedetto is the chief technology officer, data-and-analytics advisor, and web design support.  A former Director of Information Technology at Spirit Realty, a multi-billion dollar Real Estate Investment company, Mike has spent over a decade building and analyzing databases, servers, and data-collection models.  His practice at PLD focuses on building and maintaining online analytics models, optimizing web site design and ensuring adjustor engagement.

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